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Organization and Ownership

Minerales y Metales del Oriente S.R.L. was established in 1990 and is owned by Mr. Ramiro Rivero M, and family.

Exploration and Mineral Reserves

Permanent exploration, with the objective of maintaining proven mineral reserves at a minimum of 10 years of operation al present extraction rates, this goal has been achieved so far.

Geology and Mining

Gemstone mining, unlike traditional mineral extraction, involves the utilization of non-destructive selective processes. Our company shilled geologists and mining engineers, with the assistance of latest technology equipment and software, conduct a proper interpretation of the deposit and a rational extraction of gemstones.

Mining al the Anahi Mine is undresground. Tunnels and shafts are constructed for access ventilation and extraction. Traditional mining methods are applied, drilling, blasting and removal of mine run and barren host rock. However no explosives are utilized for extraction of gem crystals, which is done by hand.

Labor and Training

The company is an equal opportunity employer and does not utilize any children labor.

Safety and new mining and processing technologies are transferred to the company personnel through regular training programs.


Our company strictly complies with international strandards for environmental control. The underground nature of the operation produces minimal disruption of the environment.

Preservation of wilderness beauty and the environment are fundamentals of our company Vision and Mission statements.

Research & Development

Our company permanently investigates and apllies new technologies applicable to gemstone mining, processing and specially faceting.

Marketing Experience

Our products are supplied worldwide.

Due to on-time deliveries and product grading standardization, we have become an international preferred supplier to the industry.


Several well-known international gemologists, scientists, cutters, carvers and authors visit the nahi Mine and our company gemstone processing facility in Santa Cruz, some of them have written and published articles in numerous trade magazines: